V’Explore Travel is an established company with an exemplary performance record offering fully escorted private tour packages for Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and now Myanmar.

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Our Vietnam Country


Discover the natural beauty and wonders of Vietnam. The friendly Vietnamese people will welcome you to experience the food, culture, and history that has made Vietnam a truly unique country in Indochina.  Your journey can include Hanoi founded in 1010 and is the arts center of Vietnam and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) which is metropolitan and the center of business and trade. Marvel at the incredible beauty and calm waters in the Gulf of Tonkin with a cruise of Halong Bay. Explore caves and inlets hidden amongst the 100’s of small karst islands.

Trek in the Northern regions and be awed by the hard working and friendly hill tribe people. Discover an area of beauty and worldwide treasures or nature.  Witness the cultural difference in some of the 54 different ethnic peoples in the highlands and mountains. Enjoy Vietnam’s national parks biodiversity in where there are still new species of flora and fauna found in the present day.

In the central regions visit the former Imperial capital city Hue and UNESCO heritage town of Hoi An. The important historical significance of the area played a big part of how Vietnam’s fascinating history. Hoi An is a former trading point and part of the important silk and spice trade that led to the development of Asian commerce in Indochina.

South Central Vietnam has many undeveloped beaches along the way to Vietnam’s most popular destination for swimming, snorkeling, boat trips, and nightlife. Phu Quoc is an island on the southern tip that offers white sand beaches and resort stays for that perfect relaxing get-away

Cool down in the high mountain city of Dalat. View the many waterfalls, parks, and the famous flower arrangements. Understand the agricultural side of the country and some of the ethnic minority communities that reside in the area.

Vietnam offers everything a person wants in a travel destination. There are destinations of interest for all. Vietnam is in both Tropical and temperate zones making it possible to enjoy a warm and sunny vacation for much of the year. Imagine the journey.